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the Highways & Hedges Ministry
Board of Directors
& Regional Contacts

Please feel free to contact us about anything!

Board of Directors

H&HM Director/Founder 
Pastor - Iron Horse Church 
Jerry "Punkin" Melton 

E-Mail Punkin

H&HM Director 
Dan "Sugar Bear" Bernal 

E-Mail Dan

H&HM Director/Secretary 
Rhonda "SBR" Melton 

E-Mail Rhonda

H&HM Director 
James "Jammer" Marcum 

E-Mail Jammer

H&HM Director 
Richard "Ewok" Estes 

E-Mail Ewok

H&HM Director 
Bill "Door Gunner" Kidd 

E-Mail Door Gunner

H&HM Director 
Lonnie Melton 

E-Mail Lonnie

H&HM Director/Consiglieri 
Lee Lowder 

E-Mail Lee

H&HM Director 
Don "RaggMopp" McPherson 
Phone: (501) 380-9282 

E-Mail RaggMopp

Regional Contacts

North Central Louisiana 
Mike Thompson 
4865 Hwy 545 
Dubach, LA 71235
Phone: (318) 777-0536 

E-Mail Mike

South East Louisiana 
David Dillon 

E-Mail David

Kentucky Contact 
Randall "Rock" Racca 
Phone: (337) 303-9139 

E-Mail Rock

Kansas Contact 
Mike "Jesus Freak" Rood 
5523 Antioch Rd
Merriam, Ks 66202 
Home:(913) 387-4597
Cell:(913) 653-2780

E-Mail Jesus Freak

South Carolina Contact 
Raymond "Red Neck" Tally Jr. 
Lug Off, SC 
Phone: (803) 513-4283

E-Mail Red Neck

West Virginia Contact 
James "Jammer" Marcum 

E-Mail Jammer

Maine Contact 
Pat "Gabby" Merrill 
Phone: (207) 240-3479

E-Mail Gabby

North East Arkansas 
158 HWY 1 Colt, AR
Steve Lumley 
Home:(870) 238-7982 
Cell:(870) 588-1828

E-Mail Steve

Northern California Contact
Darin McDonald
Phone: (501) 215-0660

E-Mail Darin

Texas Contact 
Richard "Brick" Heatherington 
Phone: (940) 577-1146

E-Mail Brick

Virginia Contact 
Randy "Wolf" Madon;
E-Mail Randy